Don’t "Tiptoe" around the importance of Foot Care

It's easy to overlook the importance of healthy feet, but foot-related problems can affect your general health. Three out of four people develop serious foot problems as they age, putting their independence and well-being at risk.

Foot problems can be an early warning sign to serious health issues, such as diabetes, poor blood circulation or nerve damage.


Foot Care, in the comfort of your home

Tip Toe Foot Care Services provides foot care by a footcare nurse in the privacy and comfort of your own home, personal care home, retirement home, clinic or hospital.

Mobile foot care has been provided by Tip Toe Foot Care for the past 20 years in all areas of the city of Winnipeg.

Foot Care Guidelines

Tip Toe Foot Care Services follows strict infection control guidelines for cleaning and sterilizing instruments as directed by Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses.

Foot care nurses are knowledgeable of the structure and function of the foot and understand diseases such as diabetes and poor circulation and how they affect the foot and overall health.